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Graphics Mistakes That Will Lose You Business

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and put a website up.  Congratulations, it’s a wise move!

“What?  You did it yourself?

“Let me take a look…   oh…   ummm…”

Does your website scream amateur? It might be that you did put your site together yourself or you got your cousin, Charlie, who knows a little more than you do, to put it up for you.

Now cast a critical eye over it, as if you were your customer.  While you may be proud of your newfound graphic skills, you may actually be scaring potential customers away.

Simply put, a professional website header and other graphics make your online business face professional by association.

If your graphics look, well… lame, then everything else is suspect too, even if you do have valuable information on your site.

A site’s graphics are so important, but often overlooked.  If you’ve gone to all the work to bring new people to your website, don’t you want to leave a good first impression?

Take a look at some of the websites you like to visit and check out their website header, their “buy now” buttons, and the other graphical elements.

  • Are they in keeping with the overall theme of the business?
  • Are they pleasing to look at?
  • Do the graphics in the content make the site easier to read?

The good news is you don’t have to be a graphics artist to have a professional-looking website!  I can reveal my resources or arrange to have it done for you to save you time and hassles.

You can email or call me anytime to discuss this.

Can your business pass this online reality check?

Here’s a reality check, or checklist, regarding your business. You can mentally tick a Yes or No to each of these…

__ I have a website that perfectly showcases what my business is.

The face of your website is the face of your business. It should reflect what your business is and does, and what your values are. This is important to remember as more and more people search via the Internet.

__ My website has professional graphics and design and looks beautiful.

Image is important. It doesn’t have to be all slick and over-the-top but it should be professional enough to be engaging and evoke trust.

__ New people are visiting my site every day.

People, aka traffic, are important to your business. Get that traffic through various marketing methods.

__ I sell products from my website.

You’re not just selling products but also your services and your brand.

__ I look at my site’s stats and know where my customers are coming from.

Knowing how people are finding your site means you can beef up the weak areas or put extra time and resources in the strong areas.

__ I use social media and there are links on my site.

At the very least you’ll want to consider getting on Twitter and putting up a Facebook fan page.

__ I collect names and email addresses of my site visitors so I can market to them down the line.

This is huge! Offer something people want in exchange for their email address and you’ll have a targeted list of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

__ Other websites have links to my site.

This is called backlinking and it helps your site get higher up in the search rankings. The better your site sits in Google, the more traffic you get.

Don’t feel bad if you marked many of these No. You’re not alone.  But you can turn that around and make these all Yeses and get ahead of your competitors.  I’m here to answer your questions. 🙂

Can video be the easy answer to growing your business?

Many businesses have figured out that placing videos on their website is a good move.

Why?  Because it builds the brand name, showcases them as an expert, puts real people behind the name, speaks to new customers, gives important information, offers real live customer testimonials, brings in new traffic, and increases sales.

Here are some types of videos YOU could use to grow your business:

  • Customer testimonial videos with real people giving their honest feedback.  This is the social proof that will help you sell more products or services.
  • A brief video introduction into what you do. This is like a video version of your elevator speech.
  • A brief walkthrough of your website video.  Show them the page tabs and the search function so they can find what they are looking for on your site. Also show them the contact page so they can ask questions or leave feedback.
  • How To videos. Perhaps you can show potential customers how to use the product or you can explain how to purchase the best product based on their needs.
  • Question and Answer videos. Take the typical questions you get and make a video answering them. This shows the customer you care, and also cuts down on your time having to repeatedly answer the same questions via email.

Video on your website can have a tremendous influence on your business, but there are some details you should know regarding how to get the maximum impact from your media efforts.

Please give me a call if you realize the potential of using video and would like to discuss it further.

What’s the best way to collect email addresses?

Collecting email addresses is an important part of your marketing that should be attended to as quickly as possible!

Having the email addresses of your existing clients and potential customers means you can let them know when you have new services or products and when you’re having a sale. You can also communicate with them regarding”How To” explanations, answer frequent questions, and even let them know if your office is open during a snow storm.  They won’t forget you if you send them periodic emails.

To collect emails from your brick and mortar location >

This is something you may already be doing.  Have a sign-up form at the front desk or ask each customer after they purchase if they’d like to be notified via email. You might consider setting up a request form for this on your copy of receipts.

To collect emails from your website >

Put a signup form on your site and display it in a prominent place. This usually means “above the fold” where website visitors can see it upon landing on your site and before they have to scroll down. A signup form, once set up, does not require any handling from you.

To get people to sign up on the form, offer them something they’d like to have.  It could be a free coupon, a report on how to do something they’d like to do (relating to your business), a quiz to see if they’ll qualify for something, or just about anything that can be sent automatically that’s of a digital nature.
If you’d like to talk about what would work best for you, I have experience in this area and have some great ideas.  Call or leave a comment to discuss.

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