You might think it’s enough just to have a website up and that it doesn’t have to be perfect. After all, it’s not your specialty and you’ve got LOTS of other stuff to do.

You’re right, it doesn’t have to be perfect. But it shouldn’t suck. Here’s a list of what makes for a website failure.  Hopefully you’re not making these mistakes too.

* Too many ads. This is a turnoff to anyone who stops by. They’re not necessarily there to buy and even if they are they don’t want it forced down their throats.

* Confusing site navigation. If people arrive on your site and they can’t find what they’re looking for easily, they’ll quickly leave.

* Similarly, there is no clear call to action. Does your content/information conclude with asking them to take action, like buy or click on another page?

* Amateurish website. Graphics that look like you did them yourself (no offense), content that’s not aligned and goes off the page, photos that cause some pages to be too wide, etc.

* No enough content, or content that’s lacking in value. Too many pictures and not enough words not only annoys your visitors but doesn’t help your website’s search engine rankings.

* Shopping cart is hidden. Make it easy for people to buy! If they have to go through several pages to make a purchase, they’re not going to stick around to follow through.

* No contact information. Your site needs your email address, physical address, and a phone number.

* Missing pages. Search engines like to see that you have certain pages such as a privacy policy and terms of use, among others.

Are you thoroughly confused and scared about your website now? Allow me to take care of it all for you. Great websites are what I specialize in. 🙂

DeVerne Chapman